Do you know what the Consortium is? The Cabal does not want you to have this knowledge. Will you be sheep or, wise one’s?

Knowledge is not something that comes easily.  Knowledge must be searched for, but when you find it, you will no longer be living in The Matrix.  You will be FREE!

You will learn knowledge that 99.99% of The World does not know.   Remember, Knowledge is simply power over Lies.

The Consortium


The Consortium is a term used to describe the world’s hidden, ruling class. It operates through  a stream of interconnected secret societies, political think-tank organizations, financial institutions, religious ideologies, corporations, governments, intelligence agencies, media conglomerates, and virtually every area that affects human life.

The Consortium is a vast and ancient network of the same ruling class that can be traced back to antiquity and shares the same genetic bloodline. This bloodline has always maintained positions of power and rulership, manifesting throughout history as the monarchs, oligarchs and ruling dynasties. The ruling class is still with us today but has been operating covertly, hiding behind political [mis]leaders that they place into positions of power and institutions, secret societies, corporations, etc. that will act on behalf of their dark agenda.

Their agenda is to create a global government and one-world financial system thereby subjugating humanity to its dictates. The plan is to create a global, totalitarian superstate and to implant human beings with traceable, microchip technology and to give birth to their transhuman ideology, merging carbon with silicon, man with machine. Coupled with the global government agenda is the plan to create a global religion, homogenizing tenets of many of the major religions under the banner of Theosophy.

The Consortium spreads its tentacles across the Earth through its “Lucis Trust,” with its 37,000 tax-exempt, “charitable” organizations under its umbrella, including the United Nations. Three main components of the Consortium are the Lucis Trust, the Fabian Society and Theosophy, acting in concert with their off-word, “inorganic” allies.

The Consortium serves a dark agenda of tyranny and they are the enemies of humanity and freedom. They are dark occultists and it is no exaggeration to refer to them as sorcerers. They weave their spell upon the consciousness and perceptions of humanity through a myriad of methods and machinations. They are the dark agents of Fabianism and the Lucis Trust, waging battle upon humanity in what can be described as a psycho-spiritual war.

It is this writers firm conviction that humanity has reached the fork in the road, a crucial time in history in which the veils of falsehood are being pulled away to reveal all that has remained hidden and that humanity is faced with the ultimate choice. It is a time of great crisis or great opportunity, depending on your perspective.

Author: vegananarchist

I am a . radical Vegan, Anarchist. used to be a hell fire and brimstone fire preacher. religion is the cancer of the World. 6 out of 7 people in our World are religious. we are surrounded by stupidity.

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