Addressing The Ego

The Ego’s of people who ignore me on Word Press is atrocious.  I made all the points proving that animals are smarter than humans, and that must have ticked of so many Ego’s that my hits plummeted!

I post cutting edge info for people to check, and their ego’s just ignore it, to their detriment.  Humans have caused us to be in the 6th Extinction event, and ego’s prevent people from checking out the facts I post.

I posted facts about weather warfare, and ego’s are preventing people from checking that out. Your snubbing and ignoring my posts just proves my points about how stupid humans can choose to be!



Author: vegananarchist

I am a . radical Vegan, Anarchist. used to be a hell fire and brimstone fire preacher. religion is the cancer of the World. 6 out of 7 people in our World are religious. we are surrounded by stupidity.

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