Why I Am An Atheist

Christians who knew me before come up with every kind of crazy excuse you can imagine.  They gossip, and judge ,and condemn me.  If you would have known me when I was a religious freak, you would have never imagined i would ever become an Atheist.  I was a Jesus Freak on STEROIDS! 

Research and questioning woke me up.  Reason and Logic woke me up.  You see, If I would want a God, I would want an ‘ON TIME’ God.   Is God an On Time God? Absolutely  NOT!

He is not on time for any of the following:

The poorest of the poor drowning in their suffering.

Innocent children raped, and they get no help from this EVIL GOD!

Children raped repeatedly, and getting no help from this EVIL GOD!

Made in His Image huh, children born crippled and deformed.  Is that HIS IMAGE?

I want a God that helps in the here and now, when we need it the most, not some imaginary God in the sky, who does nothing for this World.

Look at this World, it is so messed up, and you seriously think a God is in control of this World? HE, SHE, IT, or SPIRIT, need to be FIRED, if they are!


Hypatia: The Greek Philospher who was respected and honored by men and women.  Christians pulled her out of her Chariot and shred her body to pieces with oyster shells , then burned those parts, and threw it into the river.  Endorsed by The Fucking Church.  FUCK YOUR IMAGINARY GOD







Author: vegananarchist

I am a . radical Vegan, Anarchist. used to be a hell fire and brimstone fire preacher. religion is the cancer of the World. 6 out of 7 people in our World are religious. we are surrounded by stupidity.

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