Christianity Twisted the word ‘Occult’

Christianity demonizes so many things to keep the masses in darkness. They demonize everyone outside of their circle!  ‘Occult’ simply means hidden knowledge. Knowledge hidden from the masses.

The following is from Mark Passio:

Working Definition Of “The Occult”

The Occult is a body of Science which is not widely known to the general population, consisting of Hidden Knowledge about the workings of the Human Psyche and the Laws of Nature, both seen (Physical Laws) and unseen (Spiritual).

What Knowledge does Occultism hide?

Occultism comprises and hides two bodies of knowledge.  Find out at the 36:33 mark in the video.

Mark Passio De-Mystifying The Occult


Author: vegananarchist

I am a . radical Vegan, Anarchist. used to be a hell fire and brimstone fire preacher. religion is the cancer of the World. 6 out of 7 people in our World are religious. we are surrounded by stupidity.

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