Absolute Proof The Bible Is A Lie

Multiple thousands of Documents proving the Bible is a Lie http://www.christianism.com

This is the proof of proofs what I tried over and over to tell people that the Bible is a Lie. My only motive was so they would stop wasting money on a Lie.

Bible (Old Testament. New Testament.) (was)is Fiction (“historical Fiction”, etc.).

31. “Two books, still current, contain enough scholarly dynamite to blow all Christian orthodoxy to oblivion–Walter Kaufmann’s Critique of Religion and Philosophy and Jabez Sunderland’s The Origin and Character of the Bible. “

36. “the Old Testament was forged….the readers were induced to believe that the events they described had actually happened….the fiction was represented as fact, and the authorship was concealed under a spurious name. “

“From the foregoing premises we are led irresistibly to the conclusion that our New Testament is a growth, not a revelation; and that as a history it is not supported by any contemporary writer, by any fact, or by any person who can be proved to have been an eye-witness of the events recorded. Consequently our New Testament cannot be accepted as evidence that the Twelve Apostles, or even their Divine Master [“JESUS”], ever really existed [See: #3, 42, 203.]. ” [29]. [See: #3, 41-104].



Author: vegananarchist

I am a . radical Vegan, Anarchist. used to be a hell fire and brimstone fire preacher. religion is the cancer of the World. 6 out of 7 people in our World are religious. we are surrounded by stupidity.

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