My yearning for my vegan atheist anarchist soulmate

I know that you are out there.  We can be two whole people who give ourselves to each other, not to complete each other, but to melt into our passion for each other.  I can taste what my soul desires.

Our vibrations are in the Cosmos waiting to connect.  I am a Romantic on steroids, yearning for my soulmate.  Can you hear me?


My conversation with a Pastor and his wife.

This past Saturday I went to talk to this pastor and his wife with proof of forgeries in both the Old and New testaments.

They refused to even look at what i had and the wife was shaking and holding her bible up in the air and saying ‘I believe every word of the bible is true’

That my friends is proof of what brainwashing does to ones mind.  Repeating weekly their Jesus mantra has blinded their minds to Truth.

Slavery sinks the Evil Bible

Slavery is never justified

Slavery is morally and ethically wrong!

From now on, anytime a Christian tries to say I am wrong and deceived,I will hit them with these facts

It blows my mind that I believed the Shitty Bible for so long.

Free at Last!

3 Strikes and the bible is out!

  1. The 6 Day Creation Nonsense. It has been proven mathematically that the earth is 450 million years old
  1. Slavery endorsed in the Old and New Testaments. For this reason alone the Bible should be trashed. Slavery is never justified morally or ethically.


  1. The 2nd Class Status of women in the Bible. Everything is connected and one in the Universe, with the glaring exception of Humanity


My Best Friend

Say someone told you they have had a best friend for over 40 years.  If you asked them if they have ever met this person personally, they said only through the letters they sent them.  They told you that person promised to come to them soon.

You would be very skeptical, and doubt that this person really existed.  This is a perfect analogy of the Bible God.  Friendships are established by physical contact.  Anybody can write a book and slap the word Holy on it, but critical thinking can see through the masks of religion.

The Bible is the biggest scam trick in the history of the World.  It is not wisdom to base your whole life on someone you have never seen physically.


Genesis 18: 14 sinks the Old testament

14 Is any thing too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

Can anyone shout a resounding Yes?  Too hard for him to alleviate the pain of little suffering children,  too hard for him to not allow diseases and viruses in the first place.  too hard for him to stop children from being raped and scarring them emotionally through this tragedy, too hard for him to stop foolish wars in which humanity displays its in humanity toward one another, too hard for him to stop teachers from raping students, etc.







Luke 1: 37 sinks the New testament

37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Nothing = Nothing right?

He does nothing for little children in horrendous pain in cancer wards, ‘he does nothing to help children being raped.  he does nothing to help the poosrest of the poor drowing in their suffering, he does nothing for children who are skin and bones, he does nothing for animals being tortured and abused every day, he does nothing to prevent storms from taking so many innocent lives, he does nothing about the UltraRich screwing the middle class, and poor people daily, he does not heal amputees, he does not end cancer and life threatening diseases, he does nothing about violence and hatred spreading

Nobody needs an Absent Landlord running things, do they?

This went right over a pastor’s head when I told them the above points.  that is proof they are deaf and brainwashed.  This is how religions Poissons one’s mind!