The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Christianity


Ever since I knew Christianity was a Lie, it bugged me as to where did they come up with the name ‘Jesus’. Here is The Answer:
Tony Bushby (The Forged Origins Of The New Testament. Article in Nexus Magazine: Vol. 14, Nu. 4)
Constantine was the ruling spirit at Nicea and he ultimately decided upon a new god…To involve British factions,he ruled that the name for the great Druid god, Hesus, be joined with the Eastern Savior-god Krishna (Krishna is Sanskrit for Christ), and then Hesus Krishna would be the official name of the new Roman god.
The trip is that Christians have unknowingly been praying to Krishna all this time, along with the Druid god.
Here is a super comment I received from a friend on this post on FB:
Ray Belahi Entire Old Testament was plagiarized from ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and of course, Egyptian texts! 
Constantine made-up sign of crucifix out of thin air to validate Christianity and its forged biblical stories, including names of characters. 
It’s fascinating and intriguing, even from Old to New Testaments, every passage on Jesus was narrated based on alleged accounts or literally “urban legend” by someone else who has never seen him. 
Moreover, there’s no physical evidence or DNA trace anywhere throughout Middle East, pointing to the existence of this person called Jesus Christ.



Yellow Rose For Texas Nails It and this video & Article Prove The Lie of Christianity & The Bible.

Religious people will runaway from Religion when they watch this Video. Origons of words expose it all.

This Video is a Expose of Religion like none I have watched. View before it is censored.  You will fully understand why I despise Religion after you watch this video.

YRFT – PART 1 – The LIE The VATICAN Told – The COVEN of AZAZEL – Mirror Video


Facts for Bible Believers

Hello? Call no man Father. I triple dare you to watch this video The Real Jesus is in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ The only Law is Love. The Bible should be called The Book of Blood. The God of the OT is the Demiurge, a demon pretending to be Love. I know the Bible Jesus is a fake, because he did not call out the bloodthirsty Jewish Leaders. He did in the Aquarian Gospel. Christians of any brand, cannot refute the missing years of Jesus. Watch the BBC Documentary Jesus was a Buddhist Monk. Christianity has no original documents, and that is a huge problem. The Talmud of Jmmanuel also reveals the Real Immaneul. The Book of Matthew alone has 146 contradistinction. .I dare you to read the Skeptics Annotated Bible Online The Great Spirit is omnipresent and is in everyone. It is either All Love, or not Love at all. 2,476,633 people killed because of that Evil Bible That number is from scripture totals alone, and is probably much higher than that. The Nt endorses Slavery, and that is Evil.That Spurt is Pure Love.. I love all of you Namaste

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