Skeptic’s Annotated Bible is a Bible Believer’s Worst Nightmare!

It is the bible under a microscope, and it fails the Test!


2 best options for the Evil Bible

1. Use the paper in the Bible for bathroom tissue.

2. In a campfire for keeping the logs on fire.

Who is the God of Israel!

The God of Israel is Enlil. Enlil is the King of War. This is all verified in Ancient History. A trail of Blood to their Master. All the vengeance, hatred,and killing verses in the Bible are Enlil’s. It has been an epic battle for ages between the followers of Enki the followers of Enlil.


Luke 19:27 proves Jesus is a hypocrite, and REVELATION  19:11-15 proves that he received a Doctorate in hypocrisy!  Prince of Peace turns into Godzilla! Either you are a Prince of Peace, forever, or not one at all!

Isaiah 45:7 KJV is the hit to the Jugular vein of The Greatest Lie Ever published and proclaimed!

That verse exposes The Bible Creator is Evil!  Now you understand why the Bible needs to be burned!  Evil is bad, not Good!

In Hebrew, God’s Name says He Creates Evil!  

Those 4 letters are so Holy, that Ultra Orthodox Jews will not even pronounce it!

I told you over  and over the Bible was BS!

Who was the Real so called Jesus?

Now that you know, according to Luke 19:27 that Jesus was a hypocrite, do not give up seeking Truth.  His real name was Radomir.


He is not the Jewish ‘King of Kings’ in the sky.

He is not the ‘Chosen One’ or ‘Savior’

He  is not sent to the Jews by ‘The Most High God’.

He is human with implants in his body like all of.  Anything that is not love, like hate, violence, vengeance, revenge, UN-forgiveness, spite,anger, war mongering, was implanted by Non-Benevolent ones, who wanted us not to remember that we are Divine, Sovereign, Beings.

He fights with the New World Order System.

He fights with the Virtual Matrix System.

Everything you know about him was twisted and deformed.

Nobody taught me the following:  There are good and bad on this planet, likewise there are good and bad in the Cosmos.  The good and love is beyond anything you can imagine, and the bad is nasty on steroids.

Remember, The Old Testament is sunk by Isaiah 45:7.  Three times in one sentence, the ‘I’ word is used.  That is bragging!  He brags he created Evil!  Only an Idiot would create Evil or Calamity.