The reason All Religions are Evil

All religions were created by Enki. Enki is Lucifer. The Monotheistic Religions are all tied to blood, and that is directly linked to black Magic, therefore the Spell in those religions, are the greatest and hardest to break free from. Enki has put our World upside down, and that is why everything is so messed up in our World.

Our minds are very powerful, and when the right hemisphere is acknowledged and utilized, everything is possible. That is the pearl among the crap.

We are the Life Force Energy of the universe, and our right hemisphere of our brain verifies that. We are all brothers and sisters. I am the Life Force Energy of the Universe Energy of the World, and so are you. The right hemisphere of your brain can access you to Nirvana.


Remove the cotton wool from your eyes Christians!

Love of Enemies: How does Jesus deal with his own enemies. Matthew 23:33

With curses and threats of eternal damnation!

The Man famous for his condemnation of hypocrites, is himself a Hypocrite!

I do not endorse Hypocrites, do you?

Common Sense on Why The Bible needs to be destroyed!

In the name of the ‘Lord’ of that Bible, mega millions of men, women, and children, have been beaten, tortured,and killed.  It is too late to change the past, but the future needs to be rid of anymore people dying in the name of the ‘Lord’.


Theible is 62% Bigotry, 92% Vengeance, and 88% borrowed BS.  That is not holy!

The World we live in today is insane, and if you think some All Powerful, All Loving being is in control of this World, you need to have a lobotomy!