The Difference Between James Dean & Myself

James Dean was known as a ‘Rebel without a cause’.    I am a Rebel with a Cause. I care about everyone and despise injustice toward anyone.  I Rebel against all of the following:  Earth Rapers. Air Polluters.  Stream, River, Lake, and Ocean Polluters.  Ridiculous prices of Food.  The ridiculous cost of cars, vans,and SUV’s. The crappy wages that factory workers receive in comparison to the  CEO’s of that factory.  Poor people being used for their manpower, while receiving crappy wages.  True History not being taught in Schools.  The ridiculous cost of Hospitals, and Doctors and Nurses while being free from being sued.   Children being snatched into Religion, instead of making their own choice.  Agra-Business pushing out small farmers. Animals being slaughtered for people’s taste buds. The Meat and Dairy Industry.  Men hurting Women and getting away with it.  The Business of the Prison System, while using prisoners for selfish Corporate purposes.  The Over Bloated U.S. Military Budget.  The Nuclear Weapons Business, while people go hungry and not able to eat properly.  The Fast Food Industry which has corrupted good healthy food.  The Raping of Nature for Industrial Growth and Profits.  The outrageous gap in wages between White Collar Workers and Blue Collar Workers.  Cultural Pride stepping over the line and not centered on that we are all part of the Human Species and no Human should take advantage of any Human Being.

Oh Yes, I have a CAUSE, Be CAUSE I Care.


Scientific Facts about sitting that will shock you.

Scientists first noticed something was up in a study that compared two similar groups: Transit drivers who sit most of the day, and conductors or guards who  don’t, though their diets and lifestyles were alot alike, those that sat were about twice as likely to get heart disease, as those who stood.

Negative effects of sitting too much:  1. Hurts your heart 2. it can shorten your life 3. Dementia is more likely 4.  You’ll undo all the exercise 5.  10.  Your odds of diabetes rise.  6. You could get deep vein thrombosis   7.  You’ll gain weight  8. Your anxiety might spike 9.  It wrecks your back  10. It leads to varicose veins  11.  If you don’t move it, you could loose it  12. Your cancer risk goes up.

Think about it.