Love for Millennial’s

I am a Radical Love Atheist who cares about people and wants to see the best for them. This is a tough World we live in, and clear paths, and clear thinking are hard to come by.

Please listen to this Video.  There is much Wisdom in this short presentation.  Enjoy. Peace



99.99% of workers in America, do not know the facts about Federal income tax, and do not know they are getting royally screwed every day they work.

The book ‘The Federal Mafia’ exposes that lie.  The Government would not let that book be printed, so the author gave it away for free as a PDF.  In the Tax Documents the word ‘Voluntary’ is stated quite frequently. The writer uses government documents to expose the Wicked Government

How can something be voluntary and compulsory? You know that answer.  Yes you are being SCREWED ROYALLY!

We all are prone to Selective Blindness

Man’s inhumanity toward man is atrocious.  There is no “Us and Them”.  There is only Us.  We are all Humanity. Until we choose to embrace this truth, Humanity will continue down the downward spiral of separation and division.

Please watch the following short video to understand the real truth.

An Answer to the Chaotic World we live in.

Yes there are people on our Planet who are providing answers for everyone to live a better life.