Do You Know How Desperately Our World Needs Healing?

Apathy and Indifference is a Sickness that has Plagued Far Too Many On Earth.  Once again Michael Jackson’s Words need to be Heard Loud and Clear.  A Global Consciousness can be awakened.HEAL THE WORLD


My Transformation

I used to be a Radical Live Atheist. The Bible is 60% Bigotry and 92% Vengeance. There is some Love in there, and the rest is BS! 3 Books transformed me: Messages from Water and the Universe, Spiritual Science, and The Book Of Secret Wisdom. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and can transmute any negative energy.  The Source is All Love, or not Love at all. Once my Heart Chakra was activated, a whole New World opened up. Namaste

If the World population was judged by how consistently they exhibited love

Most would be in deep trouble.  “What the World needs now is love, sweet love.  It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”  “No not just for some, but everyone.

God is love.  We all have God in us.  What are we waiting for?

Love is the Only Answer

God is ONE and All is God. The SOURCE is LOVE. Love is the answer to Everything. We are all Divine, but most do not know that Truth. Love is a Force that nothing can compare to. All negativity, complaining, judging , condemning, narcissistic, and superior complexes are all a violation of Love. Love is the Test and the Only Answer. The Great Spirit of Love is transforming consciousness all over the World.