Why Can’t We Get It Right?

People seem to be oblivious to how religion Poisson’s everything.  Every religious group think only they are right. They all judge each other, and think they are the only true one.  Put them all together in a stadium and it would be a free for all slam down of each other.

If there was a true Creator, do you not think it would be so easy for him to clear up this whole mess.  Why did he not tell everyone the same thing, so there would not be all these people convinced he said true words, and yet they do not agree with each other.

Critical thinking is essential to separate truth from religious lies.





My conversation with a Pastor and his wife.

This past Saturday I went to talk to this pastor and his wife with proof of forgeries in both the Old and New testaments.

They refused to even look at what i had and the wife was shaking and holding her bible up in the air and saying ‘I believe every word of the bible is true’

That my friends is proof of what brainwashing does to ones mind.  Repeating weekly their Jesus mantra has blinded their minds to Truth.