Educated or entertained? Pain Free or Pain? The Choice is yours.

Being an em-path on steroids, I keep posting info, to help people attain their best, and separate Truth from lies.   The benefits of Grounding are scientifically validated. Watch this video The Astonishing Benefits of Grounding, and it Will astonish you.

Who was the Real so called Jesus?

Now that you know, according to Luke 19:27 that Jesus was a hypocrite, do not give up seeking Truth.  His real name was Radomir.


He is not the Jewish ‘King of Kings’ in the sky.

He is not the ‘Chosen One’ or ‘Savior’

He  is not sent to the Jews by ‘The Most High God’.

He is human with implants in his body like all of.  Anything that is not love, like hate, violence, vengeance, revenge, UN-forgiveness, spite,anger, war mongering, was implanted by Non-Benevolent ones, who wanted us not to remember that we are Divine, Sovereign, Beings.

He fights with the New World Order System.

He fights with the Virtual Matrix System.

Everything you know about him was twisted and deformed.

Nobody taught me the following:  There are good and bad on this planet, likewise there are good and bad in the Cosmos.  The good and love is beyond anything you can imagine, and the bad is nasty on steroids.

Remember, The Old Testament is sunk by Isaiah 45:7.  Three times in one sentence, the ‘I’ word is used.  That is bragging!  He brags he created Evil!  Only an Idiot would create Evil or Calamity.






Proof of the benefit of proper hz

Check out these facts.

In 1936 the American Standards Association recommended that the A above middle C be tuned to 440 Hz. This standard was taken up as the International Concert pitch.

Hmmmm….. I wonder why?

Believe me, they knew exactly what they were doing.MUSIC FACTS 4 U

Save money this Christmas and throughout the year.

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Do you want to stay healthy? Very simple, most used to do this as children.

How important is it to walk barefoot in the grass:  Every disease is connected to inflammation. You will be amazed at how inflammation can be cured. important it is to walk barefoot in the grass.


How willfully ignorant are Meat Eaters?

Pathetically Ignorant!  A meat eating lion’s teeth move up and down, not like humans who chew sideways.  Meat eating animals have a short intestine, so the meat moves out of their system quick, unlike meat eaters, who have a long lower intestine, and thus rots, and causes diseases and distress.