Think Back With Me 250 Years

In terms of Infinity it is less than a Millionith of a second.  The first insight you will have will be Vast amounts of what we call ‘Wilderness’.  Nature in its Pristine Beauty & Splendor.  Much has changed in our terms of ‘time’ in the past 250 years.  Far too much of the Changes, have not been Positive.  Humans have been fighting humans for a Long, Long Time.  Fighting over Land, and Water.  People have a Hard Time being Satisfied. They always are seeking for more, usually at the price of another. Fear has been a Negative Factor that has done much harm to Humanity.

Since my consciousness has evolve,ed, I see what too many fail to see.  The evolving is Consciousness is on an Individual Basis.  Many would like to see a Collective Consciousness Awakening, but that is not according to Universal Laws.

Fear is a Deception we must face up to.  I learned a long time ago that Fear is simply this”





Remember the old saying ‘there is nothing to fear, except fear itself’.  Imagine if everyone living on this Planet would live by this.  We would have a Peaceful and Loving World.  The Choice is Yours.  I know this  New Man has become a Peace, Love, and Freedom Being.  I could not have made a better choice in my life, and it has transformed me.

If you really want to know The Importance of Vibration Frequency in your Body, this video gives you The Full Picture.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Another Super Video To Watch:–_doS1E




Yellow Rose For Texas Nails It and this video & Article Prove The Lie of Christianity & The Bible.

Do You Know How Desperately Our World Needs Healing?

Apathy and Indifference is a Sickness that has Plagued Far Too Many On Earth.  Once again Michael Jackson’s Words need to be Heard Loud and Clear.  A Global Consciousness can be awakened.HEAL THE WORLD

What My Massive Research Has Lead Me To Know,

I have been retired for nearly 2 years (Feb. 3rd, 2017). When you no longer have a job you can research as never before.  The Elohim (gods, and goddesses) have experimented with humans for a long time, up until the Enlightenment entered the picture.  The reason so many are prone to hate, violence,murder discord, and Racism, is because the Elohim have tampered with our DNA.
  What mainline Science calls ‘Junk DNA’, is what they have shut off, and why so many are not Enlightened. The Elohim knew that if we were Enlightened and allowed our heart to see the True Picture, they would be found out, and thereby, and Danger to their Wicked Plans to control and manipulate minds to be slave to their Job, and Money Systems they engineered. 
Enki, Enlil, and Marduk are  the Main ones responsible for all this mess.  Those 3 have went under many different names throughout their tampering times.  All the gods, and goddesses not motivated by Divine Love are The Reason for all the problems in Humanity.
The Elohim have not shown themselves to Humanity for a Long, Long, time, They know that Consciousness has increased on this Earth as never before in the history of Humankind on this Earth.


Mother Earth is a Sentient Being.  She is Our Mother, and Cares deeply for us.  Everything comes from Her.  Without Her we would not survive on this Earth.  She is a Mother, like none other.  We have ignored her, raped her, used her for our selfish reasons. Humans, since they have been on this Earth have caused 77% of The Wilderness to disappear.  That is Criminal!  Divine Love is the Complete Opposite of this Insanity.
Yes, Divine Love, is the Answer.  The Heart knows this, the Mind does not. Will you be led by your Heart, or your Mind?  When our Minds align with our Heat, we have found The Answer.


My Best Insight Ever

No Light Being will interrogate me in the next World. I will interrogate them. How do I know you are who you say you are? How can you judge me when you did not come trough the birth canal? How can you judge me when you have not walked in my shoes? True Love is Unconditional, do you agree? Freedom is Essential, do you agree? Love is the Answer to all problems, do you agree? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, do you agree? Stop blinding me with your light, I need to see your eyes, they are the window of your soul. Love is the only Vibration I resonate with. You said you will find Me when you seek Me. I have sought You and have found You, You are Pure Love. I have learned my lessons and know that Love is The Only Answer.

Planet Love

All my research has lead me to this conclusion:  Nikola Tesla said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Since I dumped Religion, I have become a Love & Peace man.  I love everyone and no longer judge anyone.  Everything is Connected in The Universe.  Love Vibes are the most Positive Force in the Universe.  Heart Math proves that.

I know that when I take my last breath in this Earth Suit, that my vibration will lead me to Love Planet.  There is no hate, discord, fighting, or war, on Planet Love.  There is no killing of humans or animals. There will be no Earth Rapers There, no Religion, and no Money.

Our Thoughts Create Reality.  Positive thoughts that are Beneficial for All will be manifested there.

Love is the Most Powerful Force in The Cosmos. Love & Peace will Reign.