Brought the White Man’s burden down, brought the White Man’s Reign

The following video’s are what you purposely did not learn in American, so called History.




Baby Facts

Religious people to not think about the insights I will bring out about babies. Does a baby come out of its mother’s womb saying any of the following: Praise God, Praise Allah, Praise,Vishnu, Praise Krishna, Praise Yahweh, Praise Yahowah, Praise Kali, etc.  Of course they do not.

Who teaches a baby language?  Who teaches a baby to talk? You know it is the parents.  If parents for 12 years would not say or demonstrate anything religious to their children, they would be Atheist.

Children would simply observe the World they live in and conclude that there was no Higher Being in charge of this World we live in.  Division, separation, wars, violence , hatred, killings, man’s inhumanity toward man, people controlling and ruling those who do not have power (ALL GENERATED BY RELIGION), etc.

Vegan Facts 4u

This man woke me up to how UNETHICAL eating animals was.

White Christians and brain-disconnect

When I told people that slavery was unethical and unmoral, and evil, it went right over their heads. That is a perfect sign of being brainwashed.

Black Christians blow my mind.  How any black person can believe that shit when it was used to beat, whip, torture, hang, and kill their people is mind boggling.Genesis 18:14 proves the Bible was written by men. That question, in that verse, is an Atheist Paradise!




The White man has raped the Entire World.  The White Man has screwed everyone that is not white.  Every indigenous Tribe in the World has been screwed by the Whit Race.  If i would have been a Creator with all knowledge, I would have never made the white race, having knowledge of what they would do in the future,

Indigenous Tribes would never had screwed up this Planet, like the White Race has, because they considered land sacred and not to be used for selfish purposes.

The following video is proof of the price that is paid for man;s lust for money, greed, and easy living.  Do not get suckered in by the religious BS of the man speaking.




Social Security is a scam created by the FILTHY AMERICAN Government.  The fact is that no money should have ever been taken out from Social Security.  The Rich & Powerful Bastards need to put back all the money that was STOLEN from Social  Security.

I would love to see an Asteroid destroy the Rich and Powerful Bastards all through the U.S, and the World. CIA, The FBI, Tri-Lateral Commission, Illuminati, and Secret Societies, all need to be destroyed by an Asteroid. The World would be a better place if these Bastards were gone.