My Best Insight Ever

No Light Being will interrogate me in the next World. I will interrogate them. How do I know you are who you say you are? How can you judge me when you did not come trough the birth canal? How can you judge me when you have not walked in my shoes? True Love is Unconditional, do you agree? Freedom is Essential, do you agree? Love is the Answer to all problems, do you agree? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, do you agree? Stop blinding me with your light, I need to see your eyes, they are the window of your soul. Love is the only Vibration I resonate with. You said you will find Me when you seek Me. I have sought You and have found You, You are Pure Love. I have learned my lessons and know that Love is The Only Answer.


Planet Love

All my research has lead me to this conclusion:  Nikola Tesla said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Since I dumped Religion, I have become a Love & Peace man.  I love everyone and no longer judge anyone.  Everything is Connected in The Universe.  Love Vibes are the most Positive Force in the Universe.  Heart Math proves that.

I know that when I take my last breath in this Earth Suit, that my vibration will lead me to Love Planet.  There is no hate, discord, fighting, or war, on Planet Love.  There is no killing of humans or animals. There will be no Earth Rapers There, no Religion, and no Money.

Our Thoughts Create Reality.  Positive thoughts that are Beneficial for All will be manifested there.

Love is the Most Powerful Force in The Cosmos. Love & Peace will Reign.

Power To The People? What Happened?

John Lennon’s Classic Song ‘Power To The People’  was Vital to The Viet Nam War ending.  Today, it seems like there is an Apathy Virus that has hit America.  There is no reason at all that People should have to endure an Oligarchy.  Non Violent resistance on a Massive Scale is the only answer to bring Oligarchy’s down.  People Power is like an Energizer Bunny.  Some Third World Nations have show us the effectiveness of Non Violent Protest.  Gandhi brought down the Oligarchy of India by using this method.  Today, it is so hard to get people to come together. Individualism has so prevailed in America, that Massive Protest no longer seems possible. So many in America are ruled by fear.  Fear of so called ‘Authority’, fear of what others may think of me, and fear of being bold has Infected America and stifled their ability to Make A Difference. So many are just trying to survive day to day,  America is in danger every day of loosing Freedom.  Free To Speak.  Free To Protest.  Free To Demand Change. What goes around comes. around. Just as America put Natives on Reservations, The American Oligarchy is putting The People on Reservations, Mental Reservations that The Main Stream Media has so effectively used against The People.  They have seeded their minds with Oligarchy Propaganda.  As I stated, what goes around, comes around.

The Difference Between James Dean & Myself

James Dean was known as a ‘Rebel without a cause’.    I am a Rebel with a Cause. I care about everyone and despise injustice toward anyone.  I Rebel against all of the following:  Earth Rapers. Air Polluters.  Stream, River, Lake, and Ocean Polluters.  Ridiculous prices of Food.  The ridiculous cost of cars, vans,and SUV’s. The crappy wages that factory workers receive in comparison to the  CEO’s of that factory.  Poor people being used for their manpower, while receiving crappy wages.  True History not being taught in Schools.  The ridiculous cost of Hospitals, and Doctors and Nurses while being free from being sued.   Children being snatched into Religion, instead of making their own choice.  Agra-Business pushing out small farmers. Animals being slaughtered for people’s taste buds. The Meat and Dairy Industry.  Men hurting Women and getting away with it.  The Business of the Prison System, while using prisoners for selfish Corporate purposes.  The Over Bloated U.S. Military Budget.  The Nuclear Weapons Business, while people go hungry and not able to eat properly.  The Fast Food Industry which has corrupted good healthy food.  The Raping of Nature for Industrial Growth and Profits.  The outrageous gap in wages between White Collar Workers and Blue Collar Workers.  Cultural Pride stepping over the line and not centered on that we are all part of the Human Species and no Human should take advantage of any Human Being.

Oh Yes, I have a CAUSE, Be CAUSE I Care.

Proof Of What the Imperial American Empire is doing to Your Weather and Health

This is a movie that every consciously awake individual needs to watch. The People who do this must be brought to Justice! PROOF THAT OXYGEN SUNLIGHT AND WATER IS ON PURPOSE BEING CONTAMINATED. Do you care about your children and grandchildren and their health? This is Criminal. Spread this Truth like a Virus, PLEASE.