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Please, Pretty, Pretty, Please, Read my posts  I am begging you, pleading.  I  will lovely dovey  you forever.

  LOVE AND LIGHT IS AN ILLUSION.  There NO PEACE, and little that holds up under the light.

Reality is that the Global Elite want a massive amount of people to die for their One World Government and One World Religion (Roman Catholic), and so called New World Order  . Most have to die, because massive amounts of people are to hard to control.

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Immediate Existential Threat: SOUND THE ALARM! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

The Official Agencies are not covering this threat.OZONE LAYER COLLAPSE!  UVC rates are off the chart. Do you care for the future of your children and grandchildren?  The Planet’s Life Support System is Priority #1, everything else is secondary.

How essential is it to have weapons?

Many are convinced about the need to have weapons to protect oneself and their family.  Here is another perspective to consider.

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A Civilized Society Doesn’t Need Weapons

A Civilized Society Doesn't Need Weapons
Wars are a windfall, fortune-making opportunity for those who profit from the military-industrial complex.

War represents the supreme failure of nations to resolve their differences. From a strictly pragmatic standpoint, it is the most inefficient waste of lives and resources ever conceived.Most wars are over control of resources and maintenance of one’s own differential advantage. They’re not based on the ‘dignity of man’. They’re not based on elevating human beings.

It may improve human life in the victorious country, perhaps. But, for the rest of the world, the price is enormous.

Paradise or Oblivion

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