Nature Thought for Today

Trees do not have calendars, do they?  They just are in a state of Being what they are. Can you say the same of yourself?


BLOWING THE BIBLE GOD UP! Destroying the ‘Salvation Doctrine’.

 Chiron Last gets to the root, and exposes the LIE.  The following words are his:  “If all Creation is of God, and comes from God, then to save or damn parts of said Creation would also be to save or damn pieces of God itself.  To create heavens, or hell’s, is to create sectors and within these sectors are the boundaries that create territoriality that leads to the further complications of Cultures, including Politics, Military’s, Rules, Laws, and Governments”.

“Who or what is going to save you? A divided aspect of The All which carries its own agenda’s and desires?  If it is God, as Absolute, that saves “you,”then God would need to save everyone and everything, all at once, or save nothing ever.  If God is truly Absolute, then God could only work in Absolutes and not divisions, since divisions by their very nature are individualistic”.

Your desire to watch the 3 video’s will indicate if you yearn for freedom,or enjoy your mental Prison Cell

I have watched all 3 video the past few days, and would say this is the best I have ever listened to. It shatters the Status Que and Singularity Lie.



Luke 19:27 proves Jesus is a hypocrite, and REVELATION  19:11-15 proves that he received a Doctorate in hypocrisy!  Prince of Peace turns into Godzilla! Either you are a Prince of Peace, forever, or not one at all!

In all past Bible Bashing, I left out the most important point

Anyone that would read The Skeptics Annotated Bible would become a Skeptic.  It is online and also available in hardcover.

Most never analyze the Bible they read. You will be blown away by all the listings and points made in this book.  This is a book for serious Truth-seekers.

Ecclesiastes is the Best book in the Whole Bible.

Most of the ‘good’ in that book contradicts what so much in the Bible Says. 60% Bigotry, and 92% Vengeance.  A few diamonds, in a BIG pile of CRAP!

The Bible has so many HOLES in it that it makes Swiss cheese look like it has no holes!

Revelation 1:1 sinks the New Testament: John was WRONG!

Revelation 1:1 KJV

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: