How much do you love Truth?

So called truth seekers would say they are absolutely in love with Truth.  They would pride themselves in their open mindless to Truth. My question is how true is that?my posts

i put tags on my posts that cover the World.  I post cutting edge video’s to verify my words, and the video’s are not watched.  The proof of Climate Modification video’s, the largest threat to the survival of humanity, are not watched.

Apathy is like a cancer that has spread worldwide. People are so quick to believe official sources, that they ignore anything outside the box of the mainstream.  As long as they get to do what they want, and when they want it, they are happy and content.

Take the sky for example.  The fact that we no longer see a royal blue sky does not register with most people.  As long as they see a sky above them, it must be fine.

Video’s from space show our earth covered with a white haze (weather modification), and directly above it is the royal blue sky we used to see.

I posted video’s on what groups in the Global Elite is pulling the wool over people’s eyes, and those video’s have not been watched,

I have posted video’s exposing the lies of Religion, and those video’s have not been watched.

People are trapped in a programmed mind matrix, and are totally oblivious to that fact.

Once again, Apathy is a cancer that has spread Worldwide.


Do you know The big Secret?

Your mind is like a computer. Is it possible you have been programmed?  This 17:23 minute video will give you answers you will not find, concisely explained, anywhere else.

Why I Am An Atheist

Christians who knew me before come up with every kind of crazy excuse you can imagine.  They gossip, and judge ,and condemn me.  If you would have known me when I was a religious freak, you would have never imagined i would ever become an Atheist.  I was a Jesus Freak on STEROIDS! 

Research and questioning woke me up.  Reason and Logic woke me up.  You see, If I would want a God, I would want an ‘ON TIME’ God.   Is God an On Time God? Absolutely  NOT!

He is not on time for any of the following:

The poorest of the poor drowning in their suffering.

Innocent children raped, and they get no help from this EVIL GOD!

Children raped repeatedly, and getting no help from this EVIL GOD!

Made in His Image huh, children born crippled and deformed.  Is that HIS IMAGE?

I want a God that helps in the here and now, when we need it the most, not some imaginary God in the sky, who does nothing for this World.

Look at this World, it is so messed up, and you seriously think a God is in control of this World? HE, SHE, IT, or SPIRIT, need to be FIRED, if they are!


Hypatia: The Greek Philospher who was respected and honored by men and women.  Christians pulled her out of her Chariot and shred her body to pieces with oyster shells , then burned those parts, and threw it into the river.  Endorsed by The Fucking Church.  FUCK YOUR IMAGINARY GOD






I am smarter than 99% of people in the World.

You may think that sounds prideful and arrogant. Am I prideful and arrogant?  NO! What I have is knowledge, that is available to everyone, but people are too lazy to search and discover what I have. The following points will prove what I just said.  99% of the World know nothing about this.

The Georgia Guidestones  #1 Maintain the population of the World under 500 Million.

The Lucis Trust:  The Global Elites plan for World Domination and Control.

The Book ‘Against Our Better Judgement’ The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel.

The Book ‘The Milner – Fabian Conspiracy’ How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World.

Geoengineering: How the Global Elite is using weather as a weapon against humanity.  Global photos of the earth show a white haze in the sky surrounding our Earth. Above that haze, is the Royal Blue sky, we used to see.

The FACT that plants foods are the best for your body and health. The ANDI food source guide proves that. Lions teeth tear meat in an up and down monition, not sideways, like humans do.  Innocent animals killed for a taste that is acquired. Vegan babies do great on plant food.

The Global Elite has created Genetically Engineered organisms which have a detrimental effect on good seeds, and in human bodies.

The humans have raped the entire planet in the name of ‘Manifest Destiny’, ‘Progress’, and ‘Civilization’. The Amazon forest is being destroyed because of man’s lust for resources to fuel their lust for money and profit.

People rob, steal, and kill, because of scarcity. Resources and Technology can provide everything that is needed, but the Global Elite would rather bloat the Military-Industrial Complex, than care about the poor.

The ‘Venus Project’ is a Global plan that would work for the betterment of all humanity (no wars, no lack, no money, no military, no police.). A second Garden of Eden, but the global Elite would fight this to their death, because they want to separate, divide, and conquer the World, and stupid humans are their willing puppets.









Addressing The Ego

The Ego’s of people who ignore me on Word Press is atrocious.  I made all the points proving that animals are smarter than humans, and that must have ticked of so many Ego’s that my hits plummeted!

I post cutting edge info for people to check, and their ego’s just ignore it, to their detriment.  Humans have caused us to be in the 6th Extinction event, and ego’s prevent people from checking out the facts I post.

I posted facts about weather warfare, and ego’s are preventing people from checking that out. Your snubbing and ignoring my posts just proves my points about how stupid humans can choose to be!


Do you have the Wetiko Disease? Find Out

So many on our Earth have this disease, and do not know the deadly consequences of it.  You may proudly declare you are free from it, but your mindset will prove otherwise. You can be free, or be a slave to this condition. The Choice is yours.

Find out if you have this deadly disease

For The Love Of Children

I know that we all want to see a better world for our children. I think of Michael Jackson’s words in his ‘Heal The World’ song:  Heal the world make it a better place for you and for me and the whole human race there are people dying If you care enough for the living Make a better place for you and for me.

Climate modification is the biggest threat to humanity. Non-mainstream doctors have admitted that what they are doing in the air is detrimental to our bodies.

Man’s attempt to engineer Earth’s climate and life support systems is the most destructive and deadly endeavor ever launched by the military industrial complex and global governments. Geoengineering must be considered weather and biological warfare due to the endless list of catastrophic downstream impacts and effects. Climate intervention programs are mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we collectively face short of nuclear cataclysm. What can we do? How can we work together in the all important effort to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity? Sharing critical verifiable facts, coupled with shocking and compelling photo images, is the most effective method of awakening others to dire and unpleasant (but essential to face) realities. has just assembled a very comprehensive 20 page full color 6 x 9 booklet that contains the most hard hitting and undeniable climate engineering facts and photos available. This critical awareness raising tool is printed on full glossy 100lb heavy paper to make it more durable.