Most people do not know the bloody history of Christianity.  It was anything but Peace and Love. Real history students are aware of this, brainwashed Christians are not.


Don Henley’s Words about the Last Resort Song. Powerful Insight.

“Also I’d been reading articles and doing research about the raping and pillaging of the West by mining, timber, oil and cattle interests.  But I was interested in a larger scope for this song, so I tried to go “Michener” with it.  I remember going out to Malibu and standing on Zuma Beach, looking out at the ocean.  I remember thinking “This is about as far west – with the exception of Alaska-as you can go on this continent. This is where Manifest Destiny  ends – right here.  In the middle of these surfboards and volleyball nets and motor homes.”  And then I thought, “Nah,  we’ve gone right on over and screwed up Hawaii too.”

I still think, though, that  the song was never fully realized, musically speaking.  It is fairly pedestrian from a musical point of view.  But lyrically it is not bad.  Especially the last verse, which turns it from one thing into another and it becomes an allegorical statement about religion – the deception and destructiveness that is inherent in the mythology of most organized religion- the whole “dominion” thing.  This song is a reaffirmation of the age-old idea that everything in the universe is connected and there are consequences, downstream for everything we do.


Great Crosby, Stills, and Nash Song. It is a Truth Bullet to Religion.

You know that I love to SMASH Religion (a belief in any god, god’s or goddesses).  CSN  wrote profound words in this song.  They were True Prophets, speaking Truth.

Human Superiority? My best insight.

It is common nature for humans to think of themselves as smarter and far superior to the Animal and Mammal World.  Can that belief be substantiated by well rounded evidence.

Animals are smarter than humans.  Do Animals cause any of the following: pollution of streams, lakes, oceans, creation of toxic chemicals, weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological weapons, toxic chemicals sprayed on farms,nuclear power, nuclear disasters, World Wars, and weapons to kill each other with, global warming, can trash, plastic trash, food waste, etc.

Animals do not judge you, criticize you, argue with you, refuse to associate you, condemn you, or act condescending toward you.

The fact is that if you remove bees of our Planet, Humanity is gone (no pollination, no food).  Remove Humanity off of the Planet, and life would go on, and on and on. Plants, Forests, Animals, and Mammals would thrive, without the negative interference of humans.

If someone created Humans, they have to be an idiot, because humans are destroying this Planet.

Christians are so damn brainwashed that when I prove to them that animals are smarter than humans, they agree, and do not realize I just SPIT ON THEIR EVIL BIBLE!

Love for Millennial’s

I am a Radical Love Atheist who cares about people and wants to see the best for them. This is a tough World we live in, and clear paths, and clear thinking are hard to come by.

Please listen to this Video.  There is much Wisdom in this short presentation.  Enjoy. Peace


Picture this:   I am The Prince of Peace, and lay my hand on your shoulder saying ‘peace my brother or sister’, and with my other hand I stab you in the stomach, and kill you.   Actually that example is more merciful than the Christian version of Eternal Torment.

My Atheist conversation with my X Christian Wife yesterday.

My X yesterday informed me that she read Genesis 18:14 question, is anything too hard for the Lord? I replied ‘good’.  I said that it is an Atheist Paradise question.

That my friends is Christian Brainwashing on Steroids. Now you understand why we are no longer married.  I told her that I pointed out that verse to a Christian in a Wall Mart parking lot yesterday,  and said, that it is proof the Bible was written by men, and not god.  That Christian Lady thanked me for sharing that with her.  I told my X, do you see the difference in responses.