Vegan Facts 4u

This man woke me up to how UNETHICAL eating animals was.



When I would ask people if they ever heard of the Georgia Guide stones, not one person said yes.  I replied that the Illuminati Cabal does not want to know that because it exposes their wicked plan for humanity.

The depopulation is occurring in the following 3 ways: through the Air, Water, and food.

You need to know about Agenda 21 also.  Here is the pdf link

Romance Scam update

Here is a letter i received yesterday that proves what sneaky, sly bastards, these Nigerian Scammers are:

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White Christians and brain-disconnect

When I told people that slavery was unethical and unmoral, and evil, it went right over their heads. That is a perfect sign of being brainwashed.

Black Christians blow my mind.  How any black person can believe that shit when it was used to beat, whip, torture, hang, and kill their people is mind boggling.Genesis 18:14 proves the Bible was written by men. That question, in that verse, is an Atheist Paradise!



The Absent Landlord problem

There is a major problem ,with any kind of God, God’s or Goddesses not being on this earth.  Anyone with open eyes can see that our Present World is a gigantic mess, in all aspects, be that human interaction, or the deteriorating condition of our lands, seas, and sky’s.

If there was an entity who was all powerful, all knowing, all love, and all wisdom, they should be supervising on this Earth so that hatred, violence,destruction, separation ,and non-contentedness, and the destruction of our Eco-system would not be allowed to have their way.



Before i retired, I  asked some Christians if they could answer the following question: What kind of people address someone as ‘Master and Lord’.  The two people I asked were dumbfounded .  I had to answer with one word, SLAVES.  I then replied that I was nobody’s slave, and that i was the master of myself, and did not need anyone’s help.

This is an excellent site for seekers:




Find out how Satan was hatched

So many are duped and held in the Religious Matrix by this Satan guy. People are so quick to blame their foolish choices to this Satan  guy.

Fear is a super bond to keep religious people in chains that are stronger than real chains, because mind control has done its marvelous work.