The murders of JFK was revealed by JFK Jr.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you have heard me say that everything we learned is a LIE.  That my friends, is a fact, the vast majority of people do not know, because the Cabal does not want that to be discovered.



The biggest mistake the human bible writers made.

Genesis 18:14 Is any thing too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Can I hear a resounding YES?

He does not stop Cancer, he does not heal amputees, he lets the poorest of the poor wallow in their poverty,he allows the rich to screw over the middle class and the poor. he lets Corporate Greed go unchecked, he allows women to be beaten and abused, he allows innocent children to be raped, he allows innocent children in Cancer Wards to be in horrendous pain, and does nothing to alleviate it.  He allows teachers to rape  innocent children.  He allows Priests to rape innocent boys.

He allowed multiple millions of innocent people  to die, since the Bible was crafted  by Scummy Jews.  A Sea of Blood deep and wide, for this Imaginary God! People beaten, whipped, tortured and killed for this Imaginary God!


Advanced Consciousness and Collective Consciousness

I am fully aware that they are higher forms of consciousness that can free you from the Matrix.  I have experienced it myself and know that there is truth in  that.  My concern is that there is a fine line between that, and narcissism.

I am a very practical person.  World hunger will not end through Collective Consciousness.  World Hunger exists because of apathy and indifference. Poor choices feed World Hunger.

World Peace will not occur through Collective Consciousness.  World Peace does not exist, because of Stupidity.  Stupidity is like a Cancer, it just spreads and grows.  No amount of Meditation will cause World Peace to arise.

It is a simple choice between stupid choices and actions, and wise choices and actions.  Unfortunately we live in a World filled with Stupidity, and that is the reason our World is so screwed up.

Do all you can to become the best person you can be each day, and spread love and peace wherever you go.


Learn the real facts about money

Animals get along fine without money, and it is only humans who are convinced it is a necessity. Have animals been deceived, or it it humans who are deceived.

Can you understand me?

 I used to believe that every word in the bible was true.  I was a hell fire and brimstone preacher.  I loved the Imaginary God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.  I believed with every molecule in my body that He was for real, and was my best friend.

A friend on Facebook called me stupid for believing the bible was true.  At first i was angry with him, and wanted to prove him wrong through research.

I researched for 6 years, and found out that my friend was right, and that it was not true.

I was pissed that something I gave my whole life to was a big fat lie.  I am still pissed today because I hate lies with a passion.

How much do I hate the Bible?

Multiple millions upon millions have been killed because of verses in that EVIL  BIBLE. The fucking Jews wrote that EVIL Bible and with their greedy filthy souls, they are laughing all the way to the bank.  The Jews are the SCUM of the Earth.

If i had my way, I would BURN every Bible on the Earth.  The Bible ENDORSES Slavery.  Slavery is the Worst example of man’s inhumanity toward man That my friends, exposes the FUCKING Jews.