How to silence a Christian

Ask them the following 2 questions. is God with you?  Are you with God?

They will answer yes to both of those questions.

Quote Luke 1:37 to them

37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Proceed to tell them to make Jesus appear before you right now, since nothing is impossible.


Earth Facts You Need to know.

The following facts are from the 2009 movie “Home”.  Keep in mind that even though how horrible these facts are, it is even worse today.  Humanity is past the point of no return now.  I often say that animals are smarter than humans, and that is a fact.  Keep in mind also, that it was stupid humans who have brought The Planet to its 6th Extinction.  So much for the wisdom of The Holy Bible saying man is the highest creation, huh?

20% of the World’s population consume 80% of its resources.

The World spends 12 times more on military expenditures than on aid to developing countries.

5,000 people a day die because of dirty drinking water.

1 Billion people have no access to safe drinking water.

Nearly 1 Billion people are going hungry.

Over 50% of grain traded around the World is used for animal feed or bio-fuels.

40% of arable land has suffered long term damage.

Every year 13 million hectares of forest disappear.

One mammal in 4, i bird in 8, one amphibian in 3 are threatened with extinction.

Species are dying out at a rhythm 1,000 times faster than the natural rate.

Three Quarters o fishing grounds are exhausted, depleted, or in dangerous decline.

The average temperature of the last 15 years have been the highest ever recorded.

The ice cap is 40% thinner than 40 years ago.

There may be at least 200 million climate refugees by 2050.

Vegan thought:  It is the animals, and the plants, and the trees, that have to suffer for man’s stupidity. They are innocent, they did not cause this travesty!



Dying For Amusement

Why do people not have the knowledge i have?  Am I so much better and intelligent? NO!  It is because of poor choices.  People would rather be entertained than  to do the work of research.  Research is time consuming.  Finding truth does not come instantly, as does entertainment seeking.

People are addicted to their mobile devices. Knowledge is available to everyone, but entertainment provides more pleasure.  If you have never listened to the Roger Waters album ‘Amused to Death”, you need to.  Roger is on the cutting edge of reality, and hits the nail on the head.  His album ‘Is This The Life We Really Want’ is another killer reality bullet.

The weekends now are starting football mania, from midget football to college.  I am an athlete, so I am not condemning sports. I am simply asking you to keep an open mind, and you will see the full picture.

The Evil Jewish Power gang, are the ones who made sure that sports morphed into the mega machine it is now.  That is proven in the book ‘Synagogue of Satan’.  The writer is a Christian, so do not get suckered by the Religious BS.  The Evil Jewish Power Gang wants to control the entire World, and non-Jews will be there slaves.  Anyone who does not convert to Judaism will be  put to death.  The Evil Jewish power gang wants people to be so busy with entertainment, that they are oblivious to who is pulling the strings. I have read the Talmud, and the wickedness is revealed in those volumes.

You have to get out of the mainstream box, because everything in the mainstream is filled with lies.  Question everything, and treasure Gnosis (the common Greek noun for Knowledge).

The Fall Of Humanity

The following has nothing to do with the Bible.  It is the real reason humanity had fallen.  The Bible is allegorical, not to be taken literally.  It is about the power we have within us, and have forgotten about.  It is about higher levels of consciousness.

Government reality talk

Do you not see something wrong with a minority of people (Government)  telling a majority of people what they can and cannot do?.

That my friends is why we need a Reason Revolution all across our planet.

This book is an excellent read on this subject, and I highly recommend it.  it is free on Kindle:

EMF Radiation Risks

Yes, more for you to be aware of.  Does it seem like they are trying to kill you in every way imaginable, and wreck your health?

You need to know about the Georgia Guide stones Monument.  #1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.  That would be killing off nine-tenths of the World population.  They are doing it in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  They are also doing this through the modern conveniences we enjoy.