What is is it like to have the knowledge I have?

Knowledge is power. Power over what? Power over lies.  Sadly, people would rather believe a lie, and live in that fantasy world, than to know the hard truth.

It is not easy to have your knowledge shit on by people, especially religious people.  It is a lonely life.  I do not fit in anyone’s box, and have no inclination to ever fit in anyone’s box.

I am a rebel with a cause, the cause to resist lies, no matter what shape, or form, they appear in.


Hard Truth about Wages

The American worker is so busy spinning on the daily hamster wheel, that they are oblivious to being screwed throughout the work week.

Corporate Greed is off the charts in America.  American workers need to unite and go on strike until they receive higher wages.

Read the book “The Federal Mafia” (free PDF online), the Government banned the book from being printed.  Any book the Government bans, needs to be read. The Federal tax is voluntary (proven in the Government Documents). If the average American knew this, there would be riots in the streets.

Yes, knowledge is available to those who research.


What the Red White and Blue mean to me now.

I used to be an American Patriotic Zealot, until my consciousness awakened. This is what the flag means to me now:

Red: The color of the blood of the Native Genocide by the White Man.

White:  The whitewashing of the above Truth.

Blues: The sound of the saddest blues song on steroids.


The Real Truth About Climate Change

The mainstream news is not telling you the truth about climate change.  They do not want to freak people out.  I would rather know bad news, then to have my head in the sand, and keep thinking everything is all right.

Please keep an open mind and read this info.  Guy is a Scientist who is not afraid to give the full picture of what is happening on this jewel of a Planet.  Mainstream Scientists hate to face the facts.




John Lennon Lives On.

John Lennon became one of my favorite singers when his consciousness expanded and he could then see the lies about government.

Peace promoters become a big threat to the U.S. War Machine Industry.

His Give Peace A Chance song, and Revolution song were instrumental in awakening back then, and is still instrumental to brainwashed government addicts today.

So many lives have been wasted because people could not treat other people with humanity, instead, they chose inhumane ways.

Everything is connected in the Cosmos, it is way past time for humanity to get connected, and trash division.  Yes we can live as One.


War Mongering U.S. Govt.!

War against the Natives of America

War against the South

War against Mexico

War against Viet Nam

War against Japan

War against Germany

War against Iraq

War against Afghanistan

Every War has been a Bankers War, do your research.  Every War has been a Jew financed War.

The Cosmos is connected, and Governments have an atrocious tendency to be disconnected.


Why Can’t We Get It Right?

People seem to be oblivious to how religion Poisson’s everything.  Every religious group think only they are right. They all judge each other, and think they are the only true one.  Put them all together in a stadium and it would be a free for all slam down of each other.

If there was a true Creator, do you not think it would be so easy for him to clear up this whole mess.  Why did he not tell everyone the same thing, so there would not be all these people convinced he said true words, and yet they do not agree with each other.

Critical thinking is essential to separate truth from religious lies.