My Last Word to Bible Believers

  My Creator is Pure Love and is Omnipresent. Your creator is a bloodthirsty money grabbing Tyrant, pretending to be Love, but is actually is a Demon, demanding that you worship him.The Gnostics knew the Bible God was the Demiurge (Fake). Your God brags he created Evil (Isaiah 45:7). Trying to explain reason to a Christian, is like talking to a brick wall. Freedom and Love is the answer, anything else is Slavery. I am a Sovereign Being, and do not make contracts with tyrants of any kind, government, or heavenly. I choose Love and Freedom, not darkness and deception. No Loving Being would ever create a Hell to torture those who do not want him. No Loving Being would ever allow his Son to be tortured, for any reason.


The Bible & Free Will

The Evil Bible is a VIOLATION of Free Will.  Free Will is not do this, OR ELSE! Accept Jesus. OR ELSE.  Hello?

Exposing The Shedding Of Blood Myth!

You cannot fool an x-Bible thump-er. Without the shedding of Blood there is no forgiveness of sins. Shedding Blood is Evil! Love and Shed Blood are the opposite of each other.

Blood is to stay in our veins, not spilled out.

What else can you expect from the Bible Creator who CREATED Evil!