The Bible I once loved and treasured.

I would have never imagined in the past how I would despise the Book i once loved.  It is like I had  selective vision and blind to the their Evil that lurked within its pages.

The Bible is the exact opposite of what people think it is.  The massive amount of verses endorsing killing should be RED FLAGS to anyone that has not shut their eyes.  Violence, condemnation, and judgement verses are other RED FLAGS.

Here are facts you must face.  Either God is love, all the time, or is NOT LOVE.  The massive amount of people who have been killed in the name of that Book by Catholics/Christians, Jews, and Muslims through Father Abraham is revolting!

The endorsing of shedding blood, and also requiring blood of innocent animals in the Bible is atrocious.

My eyes are open, how about yours?

Skeptic’s Annotated Bible is a Bible Believer’s Worst Nightmare!

It is the bible under a microscope, and it fails the Test!

More insight on The Evil Bible!

Any book that teaches and endorses Fear, is Evil!  Fear is only used to manipulate and control, and divide people.  Love is the Polar opposite of fear.

What was my motive for killing your Evil Bible God?

Simply so you would stop wasting your money on The Greatest Lie. Chiron Last put the arrow to the heart of the Bible from his wisdom.

Who is the God of Israel!

The God of Israel is Enlil. Enlil is the King of War. This is all verified in Ancient History. A trail of Blood to their Master. All the vengeance, hatred,and killing verses in the Bible are Enlil’s. It has been an epic battle for ages between the followers of Enki the followers of Enlil.