Facts for Bible Believers

Hello? Call no man Father. I triple dare you to watch this video https://youtu.be/bHpb9t61ar0 The Real Jesus is in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ The only Law is Love. The Bible should be called The Book of Blood. The God of the OT is the Demiurge, a demon pretending to be Love. I know the Bible Jesus is a fake, because he did not call out the bloodthirsty Jewish Leaders. He did in the Aquarian Gospel. Christians of any brand, cannot refute the missing years of Jesus. Watch the BBC Documentary Jesus was a Buddhist Monk. Christianity has no original documents, and that is a huge problem. The Talmud of Jmmanuel also reveals the Real Immaneul. The Book of Matthew alone has 146 contradistinction. .I dare you to read the Skeptics Annotated Bible Online The Great Spirit is omnipresent and is in everyone. It is either All Love, or not Love at all. 2,476,633 people killed because of that Evil Bible That number is from scripture totals alone, and is probably much higher than that. The Nt endorses Slavery, and that is Evil.That Spurt is Pure Love.. I love all of you Namaste

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What is essential to know about the Bible.

The Bible is Exoteric, generalized info.  The only true meaning is in the esoteric, inner meaning of the  Bible.  The tricky Jews do not want you to know this.

Isaiah 45:7 KJV is the hit to the Jugular vein of The Greatest Lie Ever published and proclaimed!

That verse exposes The Bible Creator is Evil!  Now you understand why the Bible needs to be burned!  Evil is bad, not Good!

In Hebrew, God’s Name says He Creates Evil!  

Those 4 letters are so Holy, that Ultra Orthodox Jews will not even pronounce it!

I told you over  and over the Bible was BS!

Can you handle the Truth? Are you Evil, and totally blind to that reality?

The Religious Lie is way bigger than you can ever imagine.  The proof is in the Video.   Find out what the Trojan Horse is in relation to The so called Holy Bible!       Fact about the God of The Bible https://youtu.be/HjCFVkLSCOk