The Bible = Kill, Kill, Kill

Deuteronomy 17:2-7     Kill everyone who has religious views different than your own.

Deuteronomy 17: 12-13   Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a Priest.

Deuteronomy 18: 20  Kill any false prophets


Where did the word ‘God’ come from.

Old-time preaches used to pronounce the name ‘God’ this way, Gaud.  What is the meaning of that word?

Gaud: “A trick, prank; often, a device to deceive, a piece of trickery, a pretense; also a game, sport, or pastime.” — Oxford Dictionary


Gene Science proves we do not need a Saviour

The following quote proves the ‘Chosen People’ BS and the ‘Saviour’ BS:

   “As members of the same human species, you and I share all but 0.01% (1/100th of 1%) of identical genetic sequences.”

“Looking around at the diversity within our human race, it is obvious that 0.01% accounts for a significant difference in how we look, think, and behave.”

“p 16 …although our limbic system [eg. attention, fear, rage….] functions throughout our lifetime, it does not mature. As a result, when our emotional “buttons” are pushed, we retain the ability to react to incoming stimulation as though we were a two-year-old, even when we are adults.”

― Jill Bolte TaylorMy Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey

We are all Brothers and Sisters and we do not need a Saviour, because our genes prove we are one.

Demolishing the God BS

Persecutor (You are a sinner)  Victim (You) Savior (Persecutor disguised as Savior) = Control = Slavery

Great Crosby, Stills, and Nash Song. It is a Truth Bullet to Religion.

You know that I love to SMASH Religion (a belief in any god, god’s or goddesses).  CSN  wrote profound words in this song.  They were True Prophets, speaking Truth.