Love for Millennial’s

I am a Radical Love Atheist who cares about people and wants to see the best for them. This is a tough World we live in, and clear paths, and clear thinking are hard to come by.

Please listen to this Video.  There is much Wisdom in this short presentation.  Enjoy. Peace



Because of my radical love for people who are downtrodden and poor, for those who have hardly anything, and do not know where there next meal is coming from, or if there will even be a next meal, before they die.

Do you think you are special because you were not born into poverty?  Did you have a choice in your birth location?

There is no rational reason why poverty exists in this time and age.  The choice is between Compassion and Indifference.

The ultra rich in the World have enough money to alleviate poverty in the World.   A huge issue that factors  in the cycle of poverty is that Fathers sometimes put Mothers and their children, into poverty.  Violence against Mothers and their children, also  puts the mother and children into poverty.

The lacks of laws defending the poor also is the epidemic of poverty continues.

There are answers.  Please listen to this video;