Vegan and Plasma Donations Facts

I have  been donating plasma at Bio Life for 7 years.  The average donation time is 67 minutes.  When i was a meat eater the longest streak under 40 minutes I’ had was 6 weeks.

To use this year as an example, since the last week of February, I have only went one time over 39 minutes,  I no longer cook with oil.

My vegan friend’s Mother had open heart surgery last year, and the same vane in one year was blocked 60% already.  My friend contacted the vegan Doctor at the Cleveland Clinic and went there, and the Doctor told her if she did not go on an all plant diet, with no oils and no sugars, she would not make it alive to his table again.  She listened and followed his instruction, and she has lost major weight and has loads of energy, and looks super.

I no longer have fat in my blood and that is why I have consistent times under 40 minutes despite scar tissue on my arm I use.  I used to drink over 20 glasses of water of water on the day of my donation when i was a meat eater, and now I drink 9 glasses and still get super donation times.


Vegan Facts 4u

This man woke me up to how UNETHICAL eating animals was.

My vegan self and my vegan little dog show people up!

I just told my little dog this morning that we show people up for how stupid they are for not eating vegan.  My little dog is 11 years old and people are amazed when they hear how old she is, because they thought she was a puppy.

I am 64 and have the bio-electric age of an 18 year old.  People are amazed at my energy and strength.  I tell them it is because of how we eat and only eating a plant based diet.  They stop for a second, and go right back to their killing animals mindset.

The scientific evidence is all available now on why the plant based diet is the BEST!

I tell meat eaters that animals have the same pain receptors humans have, and they continue on in their stupidity consciousness