Exposing the Queen of England & The Royal Bloodline Stupidity!

The fact is that the Queen has a pee hole, a crap hole, red blood, and the same DNA I have.  The Genome project proved that we are 99.99 percent alike in our genes.  Ignorance is responsible for that other part of our genes and the disastrous results it produces.


The Bible needs to be banned on the grounds of slavery alone!

Luke 7: 2-9   Notice that Jesus does not speak out about slavery.

Colossians 3:22   Once again Jesus does not speak out against slavery.

Does not common sense tell you slavery is wrong?

Titus 2:9  Again, Jesus does not speak out against slavery.

The Old Testament is a Slavery 101 manual

Slavery in not ethical, not moral, and it is evil.  I have morals and ethics, do you?  Not if you endorse this Evil Bible!