It is amazing how people get suckered into a movement that appears to do good for humanity, but whose history, exposes the Nasty Lies.  The following video will verify what I just stated.




Exposing Illuminati

The Illuminati is the biggest human threat to humanity. The Illuminati is behind population control, land control, news control, food control, medical control, , military control, air control, and The New World Order run by the Illuminati.

The following song is a super statement to the Illuminati!

Exposing the Fluoride Lie.

They preached the necessity of fluoride over and over for the benefit of our water and our teeth.  You will be shocked and upset!

Former Canadian Defense Minster Exposes the Cabal

The following video will give you proof of the Control Freaks who have duped so many.  Freedom lovers expose their lies.


I do not agree with his God BS, otherwise, right on.