3 steps to prove Jesus is Imaginary: the Christian Dare Test.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

Facts from those verses:  1. Jesus proved his Resurrection by appearing to people.  2. It is OK for Jesus to appear to people.  3.  Appearing does not take away free will or harm faith.

Read Matthew 18: 19-20

Two Important Facts:  1Jesus is already here amongst us. 2. God will do anything we ask.

Step 3

Ask Jesus to appear and say this prayer:

Dear Jesus we know that your are in our midst already.  We ask you to physically appear, so that we may know you are resurrected.  We have faith that you will answer our prayer as you promise in the Bible.  In your Name we pray. Amen


Genesis 18:14 question proves the Bible was written by Men, not God!

Genesis 18: Is anything too hard for the Lord?

That question is an Atheist Paradise!

How about children in cancer wards in horrendous pain, and this God does nothing to help them.  The 3 children in Cleveland, who were raped repeatedly and scared for life, and this All Powerful does NOTHING!

Yes, you have been screwed Royally by Religious Jews!