Do you want to stay healthy? Very simple, most used to do this as children.

How important is it to walk barefoot in the grass:  Every disease is connected to inflammation. You will be amazed at how inflammation can be cured. important it is to walk barefoot in the grass.



Exposing Medicare A+B

Senior’s know that at age 65 they have to take Medicare A+B, or else be penalized. I turn 65 next month and 134.00 will come out of my crappy Social Security check. I have no freedom to reject  Medicare!  I am on no medications and in excellent health.  Healthy people are forced to pay for people who do not eat healthy and screw up their health.  That is not freedom, that is a prison.

Exposing The “White Devil Race”.

There are many good white people, but leaders and government use their lust for other people’s lands and rights to bring this Planet to its 6th extinction.

The White Devil has raped the Entire Planet and has given humanity all the following: Toxic chemicals, pollution, smog, weather modification, Central Banks, The FBI, The CIA, the Global Elite, GMO’s, toxic pesticides, toxic vaccinations, toxic drugs,  World Hunger, World Poverty, CO2 explosion, and greenhouse gas explosion.

Exposing the Fluoride Lie.

They preached the necessity of fluoride over and over for the benefit of our water and our teeth.  You will be shocked and upset!

My vegan self and my vegan little dog show people up!

I just told my little dog this morning that we show people up for how stupid they are for not eating vegan.  My little dog is 11 years old and people are amazed when they hear how old she is, because they thought she was a puppy.

I am 64 and have the bio-electric age of an 18 year old.  People are amazed at my energy and strength.  I tell them it is because of how we eat and only eating a plant based diet.  They stop for a second, and go right back to their killing animals mindset.

The scientific evidence is all available now on why the plant based diet is the BEST!

I tell meat eaters that animals have the same pain receptors humans have, and they continue on in their stupidity consciousness


Vital information you need for your health and protection from The Cabal

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Miles is a 45 year UFO veteran, founder of the Irish UFO Research Centre in the 1970s,producer of The Irish Era of Pirate Radio documentary series and producer/investigator of the 20 year Bases researcher’s series. Co-created the megawatt border blaster stations in Ireland, KISS FM103.7 and Energy 106.
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