The results real Bible Research provides

The vast majority of Bible Researchers are notorious for not connecting the dots.  Here are the results of dot connection and Real Research:

Bible Facts

Serving Size 1 Book

Servings per container      66

Amount Per Serving

Dictator Gods                        1

Commandments                   10

Bull crap                     98%

Original Bull crap                 10%

Borrowed Bull crap              88%

Omnipotence                          0%

Scientific Contribution        0%

Vengeance                                92%

God Deaths                                              2,476,633

Satan Deaths                                           10

Suspension of Disbelief                      100%

Moral Guidance         5%

Bigotry                          60%

Not a significant source for Morality, Ethics, Science, Medicine, or Human Dignity

Percent daily values are based on Faith-Based rather than Evidence-Based Reasoning.


Acronym for the word Atheist

A- Always

T – Truth

H – Having

E – Ethics

I – In

S- Simple

T- Truth


I used to be a big Mother Goddesses person. Gaia was everything to me. Nature was Gaia, and Gaia was Nature.  That all got dumped when i started applying reason and Logic.

Any God, god’s, or Goddesses that cannot help the poorest of the poor, stop cancer, heal little children in horrendous pain in cancer wards, prevent people from raping an innocent child, is not worth a penny!

My Radical Love for people is the reason i am a Radical Atheist.  i would never allow any of the above travesties to exist if I had power to stop it.

Proof that the United States is a Corporation.

Government is the kingpin of Deception.  Do you really believe the present government has changed from its founding?

The same Government that fucked the natives and stole their land, fucked the Mexicans and stole their land, fucked the Eskimo’s and stole their land, is not changed colors.  They are still fucking people left and right.