This Fact Came From A Brain Scientist

“As members of the same Human species, you and I share all but 100th of 1% of identical genetic sequences. So biologically, as a species, you and I, are virtually identical to one another, at the level of our genes, and there is only 100th of 1 percent difference, and that is what makes the difference. All of us are 99.99 percent alike”.  Jill Bolte Taylor“MY STROKE OF INSIGHT”

I kept saying over and over in my blogs that we are One.  Brain science proves it, and that is why I detest religions. Religions separate and divide people. Religions are the rape of Oneness.

‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ is possible if everyone would learn and apply this knowledge. We are all Brothers and Sisters. Let us all apply, and walk in this knowledge. Namaste


What is the big deal about Unity?

Do you understand why Unity is so essential, sadly, most on our planet do not:

I had to order this from Amazon UK, banned by Amazon in America.  If something is banned in America, you need to read it:


Geoengineering Exposed at Cal Jam. Most critical issue facing Humanity

People look at me like I am nuts when i tried to warn them  that we are in the 6th Extinction now.  You will be shocked when you learn what the Elite are doing to the skies above us.

The video will give you all the proof to take action, before it is too late for you, your children, and your loved ones.

We all are prone to Selective Blindness

Man’s inhumanity toward man is atrocious.  There is no “Us and Them”.  There is only Us.  We are all Humanity. Until we choose to embrace this truth, Humanity will continue down the downward spiral of separation and division.

Please watch the following short video to understand the real truth.

Exposing White Supremacy and Superiority Lies.

There are many good white people who have a heart and care for others, and this post is not referring to those.  I am referring to those who use their color, and power, and control, to use and abuse others who are not white, like they are.

An Answer to the Chaotic World we live in.

Yes there are people on our Planet who are providing answers for everyone to live a better life.

Baby Facts

Religious people to not think about the insights I will bring out about babies. Does a baby come out of its mother’s womb saying any of the following: Praise God, Praise Allah, Praise,Vishnu, Praise Krishna, Praise Yahweh, Praise Yahowah, Praise Kali, etc.  Of course they do not.

Who teaches a baby language?  Who teaches a baby to talk? You know it is the parents.  If parents for 12 years would not say or demonstrate anything religious to their children, they would be Atheist.

Children would simply observe the World they live in and conclude that there was no Higher Being in charge of this World we live in.  Division, separation, wars, violence , hatred, killings, man’s inhumanity toward man, people controlling and ruling those who do not have power (ALL GENERATED BY RELIGION), etc.