If you do not Research and Question Everything, you are living in LA LA Land!


Why a Peaceful Nonviolent Revolution?

I will never forget what a retired military man said to me about the U.S. Government.  He said “do not think that your own Government would not use a Black Hawk helicopter against civilians.”

Remember that the present U.S. Government is the same one that nearly wiped out the Native population on this Land, under the U.S. Flag.  Remember that slavery was endorsed and enforced under the so called ‘Holy Bible.’  Slavery is an evil act against a fellow human.

Most flag waving people would rise up in arms against this Wicked Government, if they were aware of the truth, and that would play right into the hands of those who have more firepower to wipe them out.

It is highly unlikely that a massive non-violent revolution would take place, because the Elite’s have divided the population, and therefore make this a mute possibility.

Weather Modification is the biggest threat to Humanity, outside of Nuclear War. MY MOST IMPORTANT POST EVER!

General Electric started Weather Mod. long ago to seed clouds for snow at ski resorts, and to change weather patterns to hamper storms.  Their Lawyers were scared that there would be massive lawsuits, down the line, if their experiments would have negative effects on humans, and GE could be put out of business.  They encouraged GE to give their technology to the Military, and that is where the nightmare began.


The C.E.O connection proving there is no God

Atheist leaders have pointed this out, but it can never be said too often.  This simple point sinks all belief in a God

Imagine that God was a human in charge of this Planet. God controls everything, right?  Look at our World today.  It is in a chaotic mess.  Violence, hatred, revenge, people not be able to get along with their own race, yet alone a race different from them. Killings, rapes, child rapes, child sacrifices, the spread of diseases.

Man’s inhumanity toward Man is the greatest proof of there being no God.  If someone created the DNA of Man, they screwed up royally.

If this C.E.O was in charge of this Planet, he or she, would be fired!

What kind of Woman am i searching for?

I am an independent researcher. I have documentation proving the knowledge I have. That documentation endorses my veganism, atheism, and anarchism. If you are wiling to see my proof, we have the possibility of being soulmates, if not , forget it.

I am searching for an intelligent woman, who questions everything, and knows that the world is filled with liars.

I spent too much time in research to not be absolutely convinced of my knowledge. I have knowledge, not beliefs.
I want forever love, unconditional love. I am romantic, and passionate, and hate lies. I say what i mean, and mean what i say.

I am searching for a Woman who is slim and athletic. I do not want a spectator, in awe with my athletic abilities, but someone who can challenge and keep up with me.