Exposing Medicare A+B

Senior’s know that at age 65 they have to take Medicare A+B, or else be penalized. I turn 65 next month and 134.00 will come out of my crappy Social Security check. I have no freedom to reject  Medicare!  I am on no medications and in excellent health.  Healthy people are forced to pay for people who do not eat healthy and screw up their health.  That is not freedom, that is a prison.



Social Security is a scam created by the FILTHY AMERICAN Government.  The fact is that no money should have ever been taken out from Social Security.  The Rich & Powerful Bastards need to put back all the money that was STOLEN from Social  Security.

I would love to see an Asteroid destroy the Rich and Powerful Bastards all through the U.S, and the World. CIA, The FBI, Tri-Lateral Commission, Illuminati, and Secret Societies, all need to be destroyed by an Asteroid. The World would be a better place if these Bastards were gone.