My yearning for my vegan atheist anarchist soulmate

I know that you are out there.  We can be two whole people who give ourselves to each other, not to complete each other, but to melt into our passion for each other.  I can taste what my soul desires.

Our vibrations are in the Cosmos waiting to connect.  I am a Romantic on steroids, yearning for my soulmate.  Can you hear me?


Will I ever find my dream lady vegan atheist anarchist soul mate?

When i was working, people labeled me Radical Ron.  Radical in math simply means the root of.  When you research you find out that everything you were taught was a lie, Government, Politics, Religion, Education, History, Mainstream Science, Mainstream News.

I used to think that it would not be very slim chance to find a soul mate that would be compatible with me.  Please prove me wrong and find me.  Two Radical Firecrackers are much better than one.