I mentioned to a white person today that if anyone thinks an ALL Loving ALL Powerful God is in control of our screwed up World that they need brain surgery. His reply was “I guess I need brain surgery.”  First person I said that to that was not silenced.

The so call ‘Holy Bible” is 60% Bigotry and 92″ Vengeance.  That is UNHOLY!

Most White people when I inform them that slavery is endorsed in the OT and NT, and tell them that slavery is not ethical, not moral, and is evil, they totally ignore what I point out.


Some people appreciate me

Today, I went to pick up my money for my downhill skis I handed in at the annual ski swap.  Had them since 1975.  I informed people there of Global Weather Geoengineering,and they were so appreciative, so unlike Word Press Readers, Google, Tumblr, and Linkin who just IGNORE ME!

Most humans are beyond dumb.  I put out posts to educate people on what really matters, and most just IGNORE ME.  The best thing would be for most people to go extinct and stupidity would decrease dramatically.  You cannot shut me up, as much as you would like to, and going to keep posting Truth.  I hope extinction happens and the dumb ass people who think somebody is going to rescue them, wake up to the reality that there is NO ALL LOVING ALL POWERFUL GOD.

Dying For Amusement

Why do people not have the knowledge i have?  Am I so much better and intelligent? NO!  It is because of poor choices.  People would rather be entertained than  to do the work of research.  Research is time consuming.  Finding truth does not come instantly, as does entertainment seeking.

People are addicted to their mobile devices. Knowledge is available to everyone, but entertainment provides more pleasure.  If you have never listened to the Roger Waters album ‘Amused to Death”, you need to.  Roger is on the cutting edge of reality, and hits the nail on the head.  His album ‘Is This The Life We Really Want’ is another killer reality bullet.

The weekends now are starting football mania, from midget football to college.  I am an athlete, so I am not condemning sports. I am simply asking you to keep an open mind, and you will see the full picture.

The Evil Jewish Power gang, are the ones who made sure that sports morphed into the mega machine it is now.  That is proven in the book ‘Synagogue of Satan’.  The writer is a Christian, so do not get suckered by the Religious BS.  The Evil Jewish Power Gang wants to control the entire World, and non-Jews will be there slaves.  Anyone who does not convert to Judaism will be  put to death.  The Evil Jewish power gang wants people to be so busy with entertainment, that they are oblivious to who is pulling the strings. I have read the Talmud, and the wickedness is revealed in those volumes.

You have to get out of the mainstream box, because everything in the mainstream is filled with lies.  Question everything, and treasure Gnosis (the common Greek noun for Knowledge).