A Definition Of Love you will not find in the Bible. Pure Love

 Once your eyes are open, you realize the Bible deals in generalities, and not getting to the root and heart of Core Truth.

An energy of Supreme intensity. the all-creating power, higher than which there is nothing in the Universe. In other words, Love is the Sacred Fire to which all other fires are subordinate. Love is the One Law, which crowns all other laws. It creates and transforms all creation in the Universe.  Love is a powerful force, the generator and accumulator of which is the heart.  It elicits the elements of Light.

goo principles, the very best in man.  Love conquers everything: time, space, death,darkness.  Thought governed and animated by Love can perform miracles, for the magnetic power of such a thought is great and irresistible.


The Root Word For Bible and Babylon are the same.

They both have the root word BBL, and that is CONFUSION.  The Bible is like:  He Loves me, He loves me not. A book of contradictions, not unity of thought!