Never Once!

God, Moses, Abraham, and Jesus,  never once Condemned Slavery.  Slavery is not Ethical, not Moral, and is Evil. The Bible is  Repulsive! It needs to be destroyed!

The 3 Monotheistic Religions would not have existed, and the Trail of Blood from these Religions would not exist!




When you watch this Video, you will have proof that ‘Alien’s’ do not want humans do destroy the planet. Who but earth humans could be dumb enough to create weapons to wipe out Humanity?

Longing for a Radical Vegan Atheist Anarchist Soulmate

Radical simply means doing what you do with all your heart.  Anarchist simply means no ruler over me, and no slave under me.  Tell me, please, what is wrong with that?

I know you are out there.  I can feel you, but I can’t see you.  I know you are lonely, just like me, but when we unite, all that will vanish.  I will love you, like no man ever has.  My desire is to satisfy you, and that is my priority, over my satisfaction.  Love is a powerful force that can melt any hindrance.  True forever love is not a fantasy, it has not vanished off of our planet.

I am not giving up, and I know you will not give up either, until we see our dream come true. Can you hear me, can you feel me, can you believe me?


Before i retired, I  asked some Christians if they could answer the following question: What kind of people address someone as ‘Master and Lord’.  The two people I asked were dumbfounded .  I had to answer with one word, SLAVES.  I then replied that I was nobody’s slave, and that i was the master of myself, and did not need anyone’s help.

This is an excellent site for seekers:




Do you really love the Earth?

The following Earth song by Michael Jackson is a super song. Peace loving and unity Leaders with massive exposure like Michael Jackson and John Lennon, have their lives snuffed out.  The people responsible for their deaths are clueless that music does not die, it goes on and on and the message expands even further than when they were alive.

The Holy Spirit Inspired Slavery!

I am so amazed that I used to be  religious nut for so many years. I now know that I was deaf, dumb, and blind to truth.

It has been pointed out by others that no child comes out of their mother’s womb praising God. Every newborn comes out an Atheist.  Parents, or grandparents, tell a little child about God.  The child trusts them, and therefore believe that what they are taught is true.  99.99% of children were not given the option to choose what they will, or will not, believe   Slavery Expose