Exposing The “White Devil Race”.

There are many good white people, but leaders and government use their lust for other people’s lands and rights to bring this Planet to its 6th extinction.

The White Devil has raped the Entire Planet and has given humanity all the following: Toxic chemicals, pollution, smog, weather modification, Central Banks, The FBI, The CIA, the Global Elite, GMO’s, toxic pesticides, toxic vaccinations, toxic drugs,  World Hunger, World Poverty, CO2 explosion, and greenhouse gas explosion.



Advanced Consciousness and Collective Consciousness

I am fully aware that they are higher forms of consciousness that can free you from the Matrix.  I have experienced it myself and know that there is truth in  that.  My concern is that there is a fine line between that, and narcissism.

I am a very practical person.  World hunger will not end through Collective Consciousness.  World Hunger exists because of apathy and indifference. Poor choices feed World Hunger.

World Peace will not occur through Collective Consciousness.  World Peace does not exist, because of Stupidity.  Stupidity is like a Cancer, it just spreads and grows.  No amount of Meditation will cause World Peace to arise.

It is a simple choice between stupid choices and actions, and wise choices and actions.  Unfortunately we live in a World filled with Stupidity, and that is the reason our World is so screwed up.

Do all you can to become the best person you can be each day, and spread love and peace wherever you go.